The Weird and The Wacky Meet

Where YouBetIAm comes to write.

Kiss me, but not under the milky twilight.

So you hunted me down.

Welcome to the new and improved, home to the Journalism Portfolio, Insane Ranting, and other written works of Amanda Evans.

You may be asking yourself, why would an otherwise abnormal young woman put herself out on the web for all to see? The answer is simple: exhibitionism. Like all writers, I want what I write to be read, and even though I am working hard on those freelance contracts and school newspapers, its not enough. I need more people to read my stuff.

So, call it shameless self-promotion, call it an insight into me. Im just going to call it my webpage/resume, then Im going to call it a day.

You, in the meantime, could check out the Portfolio, which contains every article Ive ever written, or the Other Writing which is pretty much everything else. I hope you enjoy the visit. I know Ive enjoyed having you read just this itty bitty intro.

All My Love,

Amanda Evans

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